The artist's paintings


photographer, traveler

“Through my work I hope to inspire others to appreciate the natural world and recognise the importance of protecting it for future generations. Whether I am capturing the rugged beauty of the Irish coastline or the stunning vistas of the Italian countryside, my aim is to create images that transport viewers to another world and evoke a sense of awe and wonder.”

Marek Biegalski

about the artist

An expert in landscape and nature photography with a sincere passion for travel.
His work captures sublime moments of light and environment,
which is the result of meticulous planning and preparation.

He looks for patterns in the landscape and the hidden connection between reality and imagination.
He draws joy from discovering and sharing the beauty of the world around him.

He has been widely recognised in the media, including National Geographic, Forbes, BBC and The Guardian.

He has worked with brands including Canon, NiSi UK and DXO.

His work has been featured in many books and publications.

Key awards:

Nature Photo Contest 2024 / 1st place in the landscape category
Travel Photographer of the Year 2023 / 2x honorable mention; 2022/ 2nd place
SIPA AWARDS 2023 / 2nd place in the nature category
EPSON International Pano Awards 2022 / Gold 2023
Tokyo International TIFA 2023 / Gold medal in the nature category
NEUTRAL DENSITY PHOTOGRAPHY AWARDS 2022 / 1st place, 3x honorable mentions
Nature TTL Landscape Photographer of the Year for 2020 / 2nd place
SIENA Drone 2021
International Landscape Photographer of the Year 2020 / Finalist
Sony World Photography Awards 2018 / Finalist
Grand Trierenberg 2015 / Gold medal

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