Solis Ortum 1

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This mesmerizing aerial photo captures the Skaftá river gracefully meandering through a captivating landscape of moss-covered lava fields near Langisjór. Shaped by millennia of
volcanic activity, this area bears the scars of past eruptions, with dark volcanic rock juxtaposed against vibrant green moss. The soft morning light, a testament to our midnight trek in anticipation of sunrise, bathes the scene in golden hues, illuminating the contrast between the lush moss and the rugged terrain. The influence of the nearby Laki volcanic system, whose historic eruption in 1783-1784 dramatically reshaped the landscape, is evident in the unique geological features of the area. As the sun rises, casting its magical glow upon the land, we are reminded of the enduring power of nature’s forces and the timeless beauty they create.

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1244 x 770 mm

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Classic, Modern

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Anthracite, Black, Brown, Gray, Light brown, Natural, White