Petra Flamma

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This striking aerial view captures the otherworldly landscape of Hverir near Krafla in northern Iceland. A stream of milky light-blue water winds its way through the ancient black lava field, originating from the Krafla Power Plant and flowing downstream to a small lake. The contrast between the vibrant blue of the water and the dark hues of the surrounding lava field is visually stunning. Along the stream, yellow and orange deposits create a vivid tapestry, likely signs of sulfur and iron, painting the black lava with vibrant colors.
These unique geological features are a result of the area’s volcanic history and geothermal activity. The milky blue color of the water is likely due to the presence of silica, a common mineral found in the region. The yellow and orange deposits, on the other hand, are indicative of sulfur and iron compounds, often found in volcanic areas like Hverir.
From above, this captivating scene offers a glimpse into the dynamic forces that have shaped Iceland’s landscape over millennia, creating a landscape that is as beautiful as it is otherworldly.

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1244 x 770 mm

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Classic, Modern

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Anthracite, Black, Brown, Gray, Light brown, Natural, White