photographer, traveler, naturalist

“Iceland is love at first sight. Its unique, raw character, combined with immense natural and landscape diversity, makes you long for this place and yearn to return. 

For me, Iceland is like another planet.”

Tomasz Gładys

about the artist

Tomasz Gładys is an artist photographer who masterfully captures the beauty of our planet through his camera lens. 

He is a naturalist, an expert in filming fauna and flora, a General Aviation pilot, and a designer of platforms for achieving unique shots. His curiosity about the world, places, and people, along with their emotions, drives him to continually seek new, unique perspectives, which he strives to capture in his frame. 

For the past 15 years, he has been associated with Nikon, and currently, he serves as a Sony brand ambassador. He collaborates with productions companies like National Geographic, Animal Planet, and BBC. 

In a world full of moments and subtleties, Tomasz Gładys stands out as an artist photographer who transforms ordinary moments into unforgettable works of art. His creations are a fascinating journey through the world of light, shadow, and emotion. 

He specializes in photography that transports the viewer to another dimension. His works are characterized by mystical beauty and the finesse of detail. Each photo is not just an image, but also a story frozen in time. 

Tomasz is recognized not only for his technical skills but also for his ability to capture emotions and ambience. His works have been featured in art exhibitions, earning accolades for originality and artistic expression. He is a valued expert and guest at many prestigious festivals, events, and various photographic initiatives, where he shares his experience with art photography enthusiasts and industry professionals. 

Through these experiences, Tomasz Gładys not only stands out as a talented artist but also as an active participant and creator in the field of photography.