Sandvatn Lacus

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This mesmerizing aerial shot captures the breathtaking landscape surrounding Lake Sandvatn, nestled in the Highlands of Iceland southeast of the Langjökull glacier.
The vertical composition showcases the pristine white waters of the lake on the right, contrasting with the light earthy tones of the surrounding land on the left. In the center
of the frame, a striking line of black ash creates a distinct separation between the land and the lake, hinting at the area’s geological past. Lake Sandvatn was formed by glacial activity and is fed by meltwater from the Langjökull glacier, contributing to its unique ecosystem. Surrounded by wetlands and diverse vegetation, Lake Sandvatn serves as an important habitat for various species of birds and wildlife. Its remote location in the Highlands of Iceland adds to its allure, offering visitors a chance to experience the country’s natural beauty and geological heritage firsthand.

Additional information

Image size

1244 x 770 mm

Frame type

Classic, Modern

Frame color

Anthracite, Black, Brown, Gray, Light brown, Natural, White