Mons Coronam

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Crossing the wild land of southern Iceland, my footsteps plunged into the magical palette of Landmannalaugar, also known as the Rainbow Mountains. This place, hidden in the heart of Iceland’s interior, appears as a painterly explosion of shades of earth, fire and ice.
The seemingly unreal landscapes of Landmannalaugar are a juxtaposition of black basalt volcanoes, brilliant white snowdrifts and an earth overflowing with colours ranging from bright red to lush orange and delicate green. This mosaic of nature is like a uniquely colourful palette that a nature artist has scattered across the heart of the Icelandic landscape.

This photograph shows a fascination with the Rainbow Mountains, where every stone and mountain structure seems to vibrate with the energy of nature. It is a place where the earth paints its own pictures, and photography is merely an attempt to capture this incomprehensible perfection.

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1244 x 770 mm

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Classic, Modern

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Anthracite, Black, Brown, Gray, Light brown, Natural, White