Fractum Chalybe

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Walking through the land of frozen history, my gaze was drawn to the dark and majestic frozen lava, the remnants of the violent eruption of the Fagradalsfjall volcano. This spectacle of the raw power of nature appears as a surreal parable of transience, frozen in a momentary flicker.

Black waves of hardened lava are arranged like architectural forms, testimony to the mighty geological storm that once raged here. In this frozen landscape I find not only a mysterious beauty, but also a reminder of the ephemeral nature of our existence, etched in stone.

This photograph seeks to capture not only the rawness of the place, but also the hidden harmony between chaos and tranquillity that emanates from this landscape, captured in the hardened beauty of the Fagradalsfjall volcanic eruption.

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Image size

1244 x 770 mm

Frame type

Classic, Modern

Frame color

Anthracite, Black, Brown, Gray, Light brown, Natural, White