Flumen 3

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The Ruda River was photographed in the village of Ruda Kozielska.
It is a small river, approximately 50 km long, flowing entirely within the Silesian Voivodeship. The river’s source is located near the town of Żory. From there, it consistently flows westward until it feeds into the Oder River just outside the village of Turze. The river is named after the numerous bog iron ores that were extracted here in the past. This activity had already begun.
The Cistercian monks started this activity during the Middle Ages. They extensively used the river waters and the woods growing along its banks during their presence in Rudy. This has shaped the unique qualities of this part of Upper Silesia, which are now protected within the ‘Cistercian Landscape Compositions of the Ore Mountains’ Landscape Park.
The photo was taken in 2020.

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