Draco Pede

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This top-down drone shot captures the expansive lava flow from the Fagradalsfjall eruption, which lasted for six months and finally concluded in September 2021. Taken just a week before the eruption completely stopped, the shot offers a glimpse into the raw power and intensity of volcanic activity.
The elongated stream of molten lava stretches across the landscape, showcasing the ever-changing nature of volcanic landscapes.
As the lava carves its path through the terrain, it leaves behind a trail of destruction and creation, shaping the land in its wake. Shot at great risk, hovering just a few metres above the scorching heat, the drone provided a unique perspective on the dynamic forces at work. Interestingly, the photographer sacrificed his drone to capture this breathtaking frame by allowing it to melt in the intense heat, after getting too close to the 1,200 degrees Celsius lava. However, he managed to fly it back and, after removing all the melted plastic, flew it again.

Additional information

Image size

1244 x 770 mm

Frame type

Classic, Modern

Frame color

Anthracite, Black, Brown, Gray, Light brown, Natural, White