Calidi Fontes 2

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This aerial photograph provides a captivating glimpse of a vibrant hot spring amidst the rugged landscape of Hveravellir. Despite the absence of steam, the scene emanates an enchanting allure, drawing viewers into its surreal ambiance.
From this overhead perspective, the intricate details of the surrounding terrain come to light, showcasing a tapestry of hues and textures. The presence of thermophilic bacteria contributes to the vivid colors, adding a unique charm to the geothermal environment.
At the heart of the image, the hot spring, named ‘Hypnosis,’ stands out as a focal point, its vibrant tones contrasting with the earthy backdrop.
This photo invites contemplation of the remarkable geological and biological processes shaping this extraordinary landscape.

Additional information

Image size

1244 x 770 mm

Frame type

Classic, Modern

Frame color

Anthracite, Black, Brown, Gray, Light brown, Natural, White