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As I entered the wonderland of southwest Iceland, my lens sank into a fascinating explosion of nature – Geysir, one of the most iconic geysers on the planet. Before my eyes was a spectacle of the forces of nature as the hot, noisy volcanic spring called Geysir rose into the sky and dissolved in a gentle dance of steam.

What makes this place magical is not only the powerful eruption of hot water, but also the surrounding landscape. Geysir’s setting is a harmony of colours and shapes, where the earth pulsates with different shades of green and the surrounding mountains provide a mystical backdrop to this natural spectacle.

In this photograph, Geysir appears as a symphony of nature, as if time has stopped to capture the fleeting beauty of this extraordinary place. This is my attempt to convey the grandeur and delicacy that Mother Nature herself offers us as we discover her most amazing works of art. From its name comes the name given to this type of thermal spring throughout the world – ‘geyser’.

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1244 x 770 mm

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Classic, Modern

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Anthracite, Black, Brown, Gray, Light brown, Natural, White